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  • Tri-Imaging Solutions, an independently owned diagnostic imaging parts, technical training, technical support, and support services company for the diagnostic imaging market, has achieved ISO 9001:2015 […]

  • By George Hampton
    What will become of this place if I leave? That’s a good question! Have you contemplated this question? Every leader should. It may seem odd thinking about your own replacement, maybe even t […]

  • By Jared Dayringer

    Time management is paramount. I have had the opportunity to experience this phenomenon in my personal and professional life recently. As an academic student wanting to better my opportunities […]

  • With more interconnected medical devices being introduced into health care facilities – and more threats to that technology emerging in the cyberworld – the questions of how this equipment is purchased, mai […]

  • Q: Can you tell us briefly about your previous jobs and how they prepared you to lead AAMI?
    Jensen: While I’ve worked primarily for three different organizations – MITRE, Noblis, and the U.S. Marines – I’ve […]

  • By Roger A. Bowles
    In the past year, several colleges around the country have shuttered their biomedical equipment technology programs. This comes at a time when demand for biomedical equipment technicians, […]

  • This Month’s Contest
    Do you […]

  • Forced-air warming units heat patients convectively (i.e., warm air is gently blown across the patient beneath the air blanket). These units were originally used in the postanesthesia care unit (PACU) for […]

  • By John Wallace
    In 2015, Money magazine listed “Medical Equipment Repairer” (a.k.a. HTM or biomed professional) number 2 on its list of “The Best 5 Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of.” The problem is education […]

  • By K. Richard Douglas
    Just outside of Dayton, Ohio is the suburban community of Beavercreek. It is the largest city in Greene County and offers a cross section of shopping, restaurants and recreation.
    The health […]

  • Conversations from the TechNation ListServ

    Q: We recently had an imaging tech who received CT training and a few other high-dollar classes at the hospital’s expense resign and take a position with GE. S […]

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