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RTLS Roundtable

Eligible for 1 credit from the ACI
Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 2:00pm EST
Presented by Centrak, Zulafly, Infinite Leap and Sonitor

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Knowing where equipment and medical devices are located within a health care facility makes life easier for everyone on the staff. And, it helps HTM professionals be more efficient when it comes to their high-priority tasks. There have been some growing pains dating back to the first introduction of real time locating systems (RTLS), but the fast pace of technology advances makes RTLS a valuable tool in 2018.

Webinar Wednesday reached out to several experts in the RTLS world to find out more about the latest advances, cost of ownership and more. Participating in this roundtable are Steve Bollinger, Vice President, North American Sales at Centrak, Stephanie Andersen, CEO at Zulafly, Houston Klassen, Executive Vice President at Infinite Leap and Sandra Rasmussen, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and North America Sales at Sonitor. Presenters will answer attendee’s questions during this live roundtable.

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