For teams inside healthcare delivery organizations, who grapple with securing and managing increasingly interconnected devices, Medigate provides the visibility, security and analytics to ensure healthcare infrastructure runs smoothly. Only Medigate’s platform provides the ‘clinical intelligence’ that lets you know exactly what’s happening within your network so that you can confidently make data-driven device lifecycle management decisions.

In a world where medical device proliferation causes workflow challenges for BioMed, Medigate gives you the data you need to maximize the value of your fleet. With the data already in your connected medical devices, Medigate helps you save money, operate more efficiently, and deploy devices where they are needed most.

The Medigate Difference

The Medigate Platform discovers and profiles all connected assets – delivering a consistently detailed level of attribution. With a commitment to accuracy and techniques, like deep packet inspection (DPI), Medigate understands over 165 proprietary device protocols and confidently reports on device characteristics, security posture, and network behavior.

All in all, these long-missing insights help you make better decisions about device deployment, procurement, and maintenance.

Clinical Device Efficiency

Medigate’s Clinical Device Efficiency (CDE) module fills the gaps in your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), providing a live connection to all your managed assets. Workflows can be auto-triggered with the information required to make them more productive and cost-effective. And with access to relevant cuts of the same data foundation, related systems and processes can finally perform as intended.

With CDE, you will know what the device is, what it is doing, and where it is:

  • Location: Integration with network management tools and real-time location system (RTLS) sources pinpoint devices in the hospital with a high degree of precision. Location services steadily improve asset allocations and dramatically accelerate remediation workflows.
  • Utilization: Knowledge of how, when, and where devices are used leads to dramatic improvements in device management operations and streamlining of preventative maintenance (PM) workflows.
  • Inventory: Continuous resolution of device location, status, and utilization information is autonomously reconciled against the CMMS list to ensure a complete, up-to-date inventory. If a device marked “lost” within the CMMS is still in use, CDE will find it, confirm its status, and remediate or replace it – all automatically.
  • Benchmarks: Industry benchmarks are brought into the CDE engine to better understand your environment against others of similar size or use (e.g., recommended number of devices per bed). Additionally, this data can be internally benchmarked, with multiple sites comparing the information and feeding the CDE engine with additional data points.

Customer Benefits

Up-to-Date System of Record

CDE transforms your CMMS into a connected, dynamic, and data-rich system of record. By eliminating data disconnects and manual routines, workflows can be automated. Automatically discover and understand the connected devices in your environment to maintain an accurate and comprehensive inventory. The level of detail provided by Medigate helps you better manage the life cycle of your assets, so you can make better decisions around utilization, maintenance, and risk management.

Optimize Fleet Management

CDE provides fleet utilization analysis aligned with industry benchmarks to facilitate device procurement, renting/leasing, retirement, and disposal decision-making processes to deliver significant CapEx and OpEx savings. For example, lost or missing assets can be found and automatically reinstated into inventory repositories or under-utilized devices redeployed to reduce unnecessary capital expenditures. BioMed can also use device location and utilization information to understand front-line care team preferences, improve patch planning, and automate asset distribution to support appropriate PAR levels.

Locate Lost and Missing Devices

Use CDE to locate devices labeled as lost or missing in the CMMS as soon as they connect and automatically reinstate them into inventory, thereby reducing alternative device purchase costs. Additionally, you receive alerts when lost devices store PHI, so you can take measures to mitigate any risks.

Reallocate Devices Based on Demand

CDE analyzes device distribution and utilization rates across different locations in the organization to provide optimized re-allocation recommendations. With the wide-angle view of where devices are used, you can improve your PAR leveling. For example, by reallocating devices from under-utilized locations to over-utilized areas, you are able to optimize capacity and meet needs.

Minimize Risks

Automate vulnerability correlations so that you can pinpoint impacted devices (e.g., with an OS version-specific problem, outdated firmware, vulnerable application entity, etc.) and trigger associated remediation work orders to reduce the overall risk to operations. CDE also enables you to consider the risk posture of devices in your buying, renting, and leasing decisions.


Whether driven by accurate allocations or increased availability by simply reducing unnecessary purchases, improvements in asset utilization bring significant value. Medigate gives you the visibility and insights to streamline your day-to-day operational workflows, protect inventory, and accelerate returns on investment at the individual device, device-class, and fleet level.

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