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July’s winning answer for The Vault was a Mennen Greatbach 936S defibrillator. Congratulations to John Gragg of Bakersfield Memorial Hospital. John receives a $10 Starbucks card for submitting a correct answer for the July TechNation “Vault”.

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TechNation Staff 12 Comments
  1. Looks like an old Tage-Arno 35mm cine projector.
    Ted Schenk
    V.P., T & F Imaging, Inc.

    • You are right is is a cine projector. However It is a Vanguard and not a Tagarno.

  2. This looks like a Vanguard x-35 Cine Film Projector that used to be used to view cases before the digital systems used today.

  3. Vanguard xr-35 Cine projector

  4. This is a Vanguard XR-35 Cine Projector used to process 35mm Cine Films.
    Actually, we still have one in use to view old Cath Lab images, although I do not believe they use it very much.
    Chuck Rodgers
    Riddle Main Line Health

  5. This is a Vanguard XR-35 cine film projector.

  6. A Vanguard DR 35 Angio Cine Projector.

  7. XR-35 Cine Film Projector by Vanguard Instrument Corp

  8. Vanguard x-35 Cine Film Projector I used to work on them. along with the camera

  9. Vanguard XR-35 Cine Projector

  10. Being an old fart, I can remember when the Vanguard was the cream of the crop. Then the Tagarno’s became popular. If the timing was not correct on the Vanguard, it ate a lot of film. Ahhh ! ! ! ! The good old days.

  11. It’s a Vanguard, probably XR-35, remember the Jamison processors and the vaults full of cine tins? Unfortunately, I do!

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