TechNation is proud to support and be an advocate for the Right to Repair movement in the healthcare technology management and health care community. A new web form specifically allows biomeds everywhere to report incidents when an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) declines to provide parts, technical assistance, keys or other support needed to repair or maintain a device.

The goal is to provide biomeds a place to share their experiences to help others as well as collect data regarding right to repair issues that can be shared within the industry and with regulatory organizations, including the FDA.

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Stryker - 8/18/2021

Manufacturer: Stryker
Equipment: Generator
Model/ID Number: MALIS

Anything that needs to be fix / replaced has to be sent in for a flat rate repair of $4490.80. The turn around time is 6 to 8 weeks.

Skytron - 8/9/2021

Manufacturer: Skytron
Equipment: Skytron 6700 OR Table
Model/ID Number: 6700

Skytron refused to sell us the parts needed to repair this table because we were not the end user.

Skytron - 8/9/2021

Manufacturer: Skytron
Equipment: Sktron 6700
Model/ID Number: 6700

Could not get parts sent directly to us.

Fukuda Denshi US - 8/6/2021

Manufacturer: Fukuda Denshi US
Equipment: Central Station
Model/ID Number: DYNASCOPE DS7700

Power outage caused Central Station to not power on. Issue resulted in board failure and software reload. Entire facility unable to monitor patients at Bedside for 3 weeks as Fukuda does not allow biomeds to service in field nor allow software to reload.

OLYMPUS - 8/6/2021

Manufacturer: OLYMPUS
Model/ID Number: CLV-400S

The manufacture would not sell guide port connector. which cost us triple amount of money to repair.

iNTEGRA lifesciences - 8/5/2021

Manufacturer: iNTEGRA lifesciences
Equipment: Head Lamp
Model/ID Number: 90500

No parts sold, only OEM flat rate repair $1800.

All I need is a rear plastic case . . . .

Olympus - 8/5/2021

Manufacturer: Olympus
Equipment: Video processors
Model/ID Number: CV190

I have been looking to obtain a front connector for Olympus video connector for a while. In past, I was able to obtain the connector for different CV180 processor for about $350. Now, they have stopped selling any parts for the newer model and charge ridiculous amount which is at least 8 to 10 times more for it.

The service report when the equipment is received has no description of what was done for repair beside ” Level X” repair, where X is 1,2,3,4,5..

Even dealing with Olympus for video recorder (Medicapture USB 300) has been been extremely frustrating. They supply no parts for repair and the repair has no description of what has been done.

There are hardly any service manuals are provided for anything that made by Olympus. As biomed, they have turned us into glorified shipper and and receivers when it comes to dealing with Olympus equipment. It increases our downtime for equipment and is very inconvenient to end users.

Medtronic - 7/26/2021

Manufacturer: Medtronic
Equipment: O-Arm
Model/ID Number: All

Medtronic has refused to sell any parts or provide any service manuals. I included recent info on the right to repair and sent to the service manager and here is his response. “Medtronic’s position has remained the same, we do not sell parts or provide service manuals.”

I put in a complaint to the FDA two years ago and did not hear anything. So far no one is doing anything about this.

Stryker - 7/23/2021

Manufacturer: Stryker
Equipment: Defibrillator
Model/ID Number: LIFEPAK 15

Called Stryker service for Test equipment, P/N 3305682. A device needed to complete electrical safety checks on the device. I was told the part will not be sold to any Biomeds that are not employed by Stryker. I then requested schematics to make the part and was told if I want the machines safety checked I needed to hire their tech. I then requested an email stating what had been said to me but I have yet to see that.

Philips - 7/22/2021

Manufacturer: Philips
Equipment: Patient Monitor
Model/ID Number: IntelliVue MP5

Tried to fix this and Philips won’t send the part.

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